Improving the health care sector through quality education

Antrick Education was founded in 2014 and has delivered VET, Corporate First Aid and Professional Development courses to thousands of Australians that are currently, or interested in working in the healthcare sector.

Our vision and mission

Our vision

We believe the healthcare sector should have access to a well trained and confident workforce.

Our mission

Is to engage, educate and empower our students for success!

Our values

Our mission is to engage, educate and empower our students for success, and our values are SMART. Our staff will be;

  • Skilled – Our educators are working professionals in their field of expertise
  • Motivated – Our team is motivated to educate, engage and empower
  • Accountable – Our organisation does what it says it will do, when it says it will do it
  • Results focused – We drive positive outcomes using insight, taking action and measuring our success
  • Trustworthy – We engage and employ high quality and trustworthy staff
Student code of conduct

Every student has the right to participate in our programs, free of inappropriate behaviour that may impair the learning process or the emotional, physical and mental wellbeing of individual students, staff and visitors.

To ensure our graduates are skilled, competent, knowledgeable and possess the key employability skills unsatisfactory student performance and/or conduct will be addressed accordingly, this includes inappropriate behaviour that impairs the integrity of the learning processes &/or the well-being of any individual.

Students must:•undertake their academic work with integrity and honesty, avoiding breaches of academic integrity and copyright

  • comply with all company policies and with any codes of conductadhere to the policies, procedures and rules of external organisations while on placement, practicum, work experience, fieldwork or educational exchange
  • provide accurate personal details to the company; keep those details up to date; and read and respond where necessary to all official correspondence including; emails
  • work cooperatively and collaboratively with other students, staff, associates and company partners
  • communicate with courtesy and consideration, verbally and in writing, in person and online (including through emailand social media)
  • respect the privacy of other students and staff
  • respect others’ rights to their own opinions and beliefs and, where there is disagreement, engage only in rational discussion•refrain from actions, behaviour and words (both written and spoken) that may jeopardise their own or another student or staff member’s health, safety or wellbeing, or may damage their reputation or career
  • not engage in discrimination, sexual harassment, victimisation, bullying, child abuse or any form of interpersonal, psychological or physical violence, and report such behaviour
  • not engage or collude in fraudulent or corrupt behaviour, and report such behaviour as outlined in the company’s policies and procedures
  • only use company property, facilities and resources (including information and communications technology) responsibly & with respect and, in accordance with relevant policies and considering others’ needs•follow reasonable directions from AE staff.
  • enrol prior to cut-off dates and ensure enrolment is correct, for government funded positions
  • not engage in plagiarism, collusion or cheating in assessment activities
  • maintain OHS standards breaches where a student breaches the code of conduct the following steps will be taken:

The student will be called upon and 1.a student support plan document completed and lodgedwith the head office, within 24hrs of it being completed.2.The matter will be referred to head office for further investigation

For student support plans:

  • The enforcing staff member is to monitor the support plan and notify head office once the support plan has been completed.
  • If the conditions of the support plan or the misconduct continues, it will be deemed that the support plan be invalid,andthe student will be issued a first & final written warning
  • If these attempts to manage student misconductfail then the student’s enrolment will be cancelled, with no refund.
Staff code of conduct

The Code of Conduct applies to employees of all Antrick Education Pty Ltd (AE) entities and outlines the standards and expectations of all staff working for and employed by AE.The Executive and Leadership Team are responsible for monitoring and evaluating the operation of this code within their areas of responsibility. All employees have a responsibility to comply with legislation, policy, procedures and AE Code of Conduct, perform their duties effectively, provide impartial and accurate advice and act in a manner thatpromotes a productive and harmonious working environment. All employees have a responsibility to comply with Child Safe legislation and demonstrate behaviours asoutlined in the Child Safe Code of Conduct.GUIDING PRINCIPLES1. AEImage and Reputation1.1 We value professionalism, loyalty, integrity, courage, teamwork and innovation as an education institution and as an employer.1.1 Act as a positive advocate for AE within the wider community1.2 Behave at all times in a manner that upholds the good reputation of AE.